Access International, Inc., business plan
I took an incoherent technical description, written by the client, and wrote this clear, convincing business plan. As a result, after a year of floundering, he quickly got $1,000,000 in venture capital.

Access International Business Plan

The Company

Access Int’l, Inc. (“Access” or the “Company”) was incorporated on March 19, 1996 in the State of Florida, and its headquarters are in St. Petersburg, Florida. The company was formed to act as a retail operating and marketing entity to launch its proprietary Access network and the Access Smart Card™. The Company address is xxx. Telephone: xxx fax xxx. The stock is owned by xxx and xxx.


 Access Int’l, Inc. plans to introduce a new medium, the Access interactive telephone entertainment network. The network capitalizes on consumers’ insatiable appetites for sports, leisure activities and fun. It will broadcast entertainment on-demand: sports reports, celebrity news, interviews, “ask the expert,” talk groups and special promotions. The network also will deliver enhanced telecommunications services such as conference calling, voice, fax mail and long distance service at competitive prices.

 More to the point, the Access telephone entertainment network will become a marketplace. We intend to create a lively environment for advertising, electronic telephone shopping, database marketing, audio infomercials and program sponsorship.

 Among its unique advantages, the Access network is a demographically targeted, economical and measurable direct response medium.

 The Access network takes advantage of the ubiquitous public telephone infrastructure, which has 200 million+ subscribers in the United States alone. Access cardholders can make inquiries easily, directly and instantaneously, using their telephone keypads. In contrast, Internet access requires a powered-up computer, typically confining users to desktop equipment, and only 9 million people subscribe to service providers. Electronic transaction processing via the Internet is not yet practicable.

The Access network also gives advertisers more options: program sponsorships, telephone network sites or “home pages,” or voice messages to receptive audiences.

Also, because the Access telephone network connects to fax machines, modems and pagers, advertisers can respond to inquiries with fax-back hard copy, images, graphics and data for less than the cost of a local telephone call.

As an electronic medium, the Access network is also videophone-ready, and we intend to integrate videophone services when the technology becomes widely-enough accepted to make it cost-efffective for our advertisers.

Demographically, the Access network will target a worldwide audience, primarily consisting of male consumers, ages 18 to 55 and older, plus _____ (number of) million ATM, credit and debit cardholders. Featuring a customizable @Access Smart Card™ as the tangible product, the Access network will give banks and institutions a fresh opportunity to improve wallet share by increasing use of the already-existing 980+ million bank cards.

The Access network automatically builds a valuable database, to which advertisers and promoters can build direct response marketing programs. This “micromarketing” ability enables companies to create product demand and more precisely satisfy their customers’ needs

Access Int’l, Inc. intends to build the Access network by developing key, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with entertainment promoters, card enhancement companies and financial institutions. We further plan to develop co-branding and licensing relationships with network advertisers and event promoters.

In fact, through the Smart Card™ , theAccess network will open many revenue streams for @Access Int’l, Inc. and its business partners.

Network Description

The Access network consists of telecommunications facilities, Access proprietary software and Access interactive voice response (IVR) units, all integrated to serve as an interactive platform for entertainment on demand, product information, enhanced telephone services and more. The Access Smart Card™ itself stores cash equivalents, promotional “freebies,” information and more.

Each cardholder receives a personal 800 + extension phone number that becomes the cardholder’s “virtual address.” Using ordinary telephone service (wired or cellular), cardholders can simply dial into the network and enter their personal identification number (PIN) to connect to our IVRs, which deliver Access services. A friendly voice greets the cardholder and prompts him or her through a customized menu of options: to select an entertainment service, check messages, make a long distance call and more.

The Access network is cost effective and easy for every consumer to use, accessible anywhere in the world. The technology both fulfills consumer desire for instant gratification and allows marketers to respond quickly and directly to interested prospects.


With our emphasis on entertainment and leisure, Access Int’l intends to distribute the Access Smart Card™ at sporting events, concerts, shows, exhibits and other venues which typically attract 10,000 to 200,000 prospects in our target demographic, per event each weekend. Further, we expect our strategic business partners to distribute the Access Smart Card™ to their existing customers.

Credit card enhancement companies will promote and sell our products through envelope stuffers to their existing clients--some 981 million credit cards are issued in the U.S.--or by reissuing cards that have our 800 number and instructions for use printed on the back.

We plan to entice prospects to call in and activate their Access Smart Cards™ by offering promotional incentives such as prepaid long distance and voice mail.

We also plan tie-in promotions with participating advertisers who offer games, prizes and discounts, redeemable only by using the card and visiting the promoter’s Access network site “within 30 days.”

Database Marketing Opportunities

When an Access Smart Card™ recipient first dials into the Access network, we’ll ask him or her for demographic information, then we’ll activate the card and personal 800 + extension phone number, which is the cardholder’s virtual address.

Each time the cardholder dials into the Access network, he or she hears a customized audio presentation from an advertiser, sponsor or direct marketer. Then, as the cardholder goes about visiting network sites, asking for information and buying products and services, Access network technology will capture and accumulate the data. Sponsors will learn about their customers’ spending habits, favorite merchandise categories, pastimes and special interests. With this information, Access business partners learn individual customer profiles that represent a valuable database.

The new subscriber trial period is similar to that of America Online and Prodigy computer online services, which “hook” new subscribers through free enjoyment of network services. The Access Smart Card™ stored value is easy to refresh via the Electronic Billing System, a built-in pre-payment capability that lets Access electronically charge fees directly to the subscriber’s credit card, ATM/debit card or bank account.

Revenue Streams

Access Int’l, Inc. anticipates revenue from the following sources:

Benefits at a Glance

Access Products

Access Smart Card A plastic card coded with an individual’s identity using bar code, magnetic stripe, or an integrated circuit chip, for use in retrieving stored value in the form of discounts, cash equivalents, processing telecommunications, or retrieving information via software-driven computer networks.

Financial Services A program specifically for banks to offer their existing customers. Financial institutions can use our IVR platform to make new services available to customers, 24 hours a day. For example:

The “Smart Card Network” enhances information and communications through voice mail addresses, fax storage, e-mail and rechargeable long distance as a simple extension to the existing 980 million bank cards already issued by financial institutions in America.

Home Page Sites A 24-hour marketing system for companies or individuals. We’ll even help you build your site with complete audio presentations and fax-on-demand response services to send additional information to your customers. These sites can be used to market any product and take advantage of limited transaction processing capabilities.

Intelligent Advertising The Access network enables print advertising to target demographic profiles, for example, car sales. The Auto-Trader print publication generates profits in excess of $350 million annually. Yet the Access network offers greater advantages. Buyers can specify a car brand name, year, category or other feature: convertible or Volvo or 1995-96 models only. Imagine the efficiency for the car seller! The same advantage applies to any product or service.

Customers can retrieve printed advertising directly from their mailbox via voice message or fax on demand. What’s more, printouts can also include cooperative display advertising space at the top and bottom, for example, car financing, insurance, etc.

Audio Advertising Audio advertising is placed in advance of various menus and available to large corporate sponsors who would like to a sponsor network category. Companies can place a short audio ad prior to a dial tone on the long distance services.

Interactive Surveys/Research Audio and touch-tone interactive surveys are effective ways for companies to quickly and accurately obtain information from consumers. Surveys can be assembled quickly and put online. And free long distance service is a persuasive incentive for consumers to cooperate and respond 80%+ completion. These services, in high demand, offer a great source for retailing long distance minutes with distribution costs.

Database Marketing and Demographics The Access network captures demographic information and all online activity, linked to the cardholder’s PIN.

If, for example, your business seeks to reach males between the ages of 35 and 55 with an annual household income of over $100,000, then only those persons would hear your ad. You reach your target market exclusively and get real-time feedback. Reports and survey results can be provided by fax to a designated mailbox.

Licensed Apparel Access has designed apparel for sale under the proprietary name of Accessories. These products can share promotional space with vendors, a fast track to brand recognition.

Financial Requests...

Business Discussion...

Market Definition...

The Access telephone entertainment network presents a new medium, and a new distribution channel. Along with the Smart Card™ as its tangible product, The Access network offers niche market opportunities for the Company. The Smart Card™ and unique Access marketing services will represent a significant majority of total revenue, at least for the first three years of operation. Thereafter, as other services are introduced, the overall percentage of Company revenue represented by Smart Cards™ and marketing services will plateau, by then telecommunications and advertising will generate more significant revenues.

SmartCards™ will be used by a variety of consumers for purchases, discounts, stored value and access to our entertainment and telecommunications network. Several markets with a need for this product guarantee a steady demand, not subject to wide fluctuations that single-target market products would face. Product purchases encompass several market categories, including individual persons and companies using the card as a marketing medium. Sales and promotional incentives to consumers will account for approximately 63% of all U.S. sales. The remaining 37% represents companies buying our services for new product development, testing and market research.

Market Experience

Principals of the Company have been planning introduction of the Access entertainment network for approximately four years. The process has involved development of a fully integrated distribution plan, plus engineering, design and testing of products for universal acceptance in the world market. The company realizes the strength of having well established partners in our desired markets to leverage their relationships, to open doors quickly and to speed the sales process.

In preliminary testing and market studies, the Access concept has enjoyed ready acceptance--not only from financial institutions, processors and promoters--but also merchants. They appreciate the value of the network’s concept, flexibility and simplicity of use.

Marketing Tools And Strategy...


The Company intends to enter the market by providing a basic Smart Card offering--pre-paid telecommunications enhanced with proprietary features unavailable to competitors. Premium pricing for these services will enable the Company to build a cash reserve to fend off future competition. While the Company likely will not capture 100% of the market, we will generate enough attention to produce substantial results in line with our sales projections.

In recent years, the trend is to launch products at near-cost prices to capture market share, then raise prices to a sustainable point. However, the Company plans to introduce the product at low, competitive prices that will generate operating profits immediately. Without the high costs of selling up existing customers, as industry competitors do, we needn’t sacrifice profits to gain market entry. Based on early market research, we anticipate no resistance to the products in their introductory stage. However, just in case, the profit margin will allow price concessions or other incentives. We can also work with program sponsors and corporate advertisers to infinitely adjust profit margins.

Internal Marketing

The company has allocated sufficient funds in its operating budgets to properly launch the products. Because of our unique distribution plan, advertising will be limited. We plan to allocate part of the advertising budget to co-operative advertising with strategic partners whose established customers can benefit from our services.

Also, we’ve generated interest in the Company and products among editors of regional publication and program managers of local radio stations (see exhibits 1 and 2), and we anticipate additional publicity. The mix of publicity and advertising should raise consumer awareness and support our business partners in selling through a more “hands on” sales approach.

External Marketing Program

The marketing effort will convince a sufficient number of event promoters, financial institutions and national advertisers of the validity of our “Smart Card (tm) concept. The Company intends to use independent contractors as “manufacturers representatives” to quickly penetrate this target market in the shortest possible time, at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal sales staff.

To date, five representatives and a highly automated telemarketing firm, under contract, have been selected to represent the Company. Additionally, to begin the marketing program, the Company actively seeks industry-specific representatives to complete the sales organization and cover the United States.

These commission-only representatives means the Company incurs only the out of pocket costs to provide product literature and advertising, which is mostly stored online for distribution via audio or fax-back.

Sales Plan and Forecast

Early market studies revealed a great deal of interest in the Company’s services. Based on this early input, we fine-tuned our marketing approach to improve perception, resulting in additional profit centers for the Company.

We’re also focusing on the success of MBNA Bank, the leading credit card issuing bank, well established in “co-branding” approximately 4,700 different affinity/special interest credit card programs. (See report). Affinity or co-branded card programs have stimulated and sustained credit card growth on a double-digit growth curve for almost 10 years.

Similarly, Access can quickly assemble networks in modules, having services tailored to any specific customer database. For example, certain Smart Cards™ might trigger the Access Women’s Network, featuring audio menus for workout chic boutiques, fitness tips, shop-the-sales itineraries, soap opera updates and infomercials. Other Smart Cards™ might trigger the Access Racing Network, featuring audio menus for NASCAR, car maintenance tips and automobile products aimed at male cardholders.

Each discrete network fills an existing niche demand and appeals to consumers via enhanced entertainment and information services. Consumers in our target markets will pay a premium for this personalized entertainment service.

Smart Card Address Program

To boost and create excitement the introduction of the Company and its services, Access established a “Smart Card” address that is unique to our brand.

 This new “address” concept is instrumental in “positioning” an individual or companies as high tech in the information age. For example, companies with a “home page” on the Internet flaunt their “online address” in the media as a more effective way to communicate with customers. For instance, a world wide web address would be shown as follows. www.Access .com. and only available by computer online services, whereas an Access address is available by phone, worldwide and much more mobile and user friendly for the American public. Customers dial a national 800 number and press Star (digits) to arrive at the site of the individual or vendor that is showcased there. Customized “Sites” are designed complete with audio presentations and interactive capabilities via fax on demand, voice-mail, broadcast voice messaging, and other features. An Access number retrieves, stores or forwards all forms of communication to and from multiple communication devices through one centralized number. Calls and data are virtually invisible and untraceable to the caller or recipient--a great security feature.

 The new address offers network association and identity to strategic and licensing partners. Customers display the Access logo is on the bottom right hand corner of all print media and on licensed apparel as a new way to communicate with their customers.


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