Advanced Technology & Research, Inc., corporate profile
When this composite materials company turned 15, ATR took advantage of the achievement by reinforcing its challenge/solution business philosophy. The article kept its newsy feel, reading like a magazine story.

Advanced Technology & Research commemorates its 15th year of success.

Excellence in design, engineering, and production of
composite interior and exterior structures for the aerospace industry

Since 1980, the company has excelled in solving difficult design challenges in outfitting private, commercial, and defense aircrafts. Among its innovations are interior modifications that reduce noise, increase cabin space and extend the service of aircraft components through superior durability, strength and non-corrosive characteristics. These composite structures include exterior airbus fairings, shrouds and baggage pods; air gondola shells; interior grids; lightweight, highly-durable panels and floorboards; airworthy composite flat boards; and much more.

These innovative solutions have earned the company 17 Supplemental Type Certificates from the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and 8 patents for state-of-the-art composites serving the aircraft industry. In fact, ATR is the only aerospace composite manufacturer with on-site FAA representatives, authorized to inspect and verify qualification.

Specializing in composite structures, ATR (not affiliated with ATR, France) won its first significant contract in March 1980 from USAir, to build interior headliner systems. Since then, ATR has fabricated composite structures for fixed wing and rotor aircraft from the world's leading manufacturers. The company's fundamental business philosophy is its commitment to customer solutions.

A $12 million a year corporation, financially stable and steadily growing, ATR has been featured in Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine, CNN Science & Technology cable broadcast program, and Architectural Digest magazine.

Facility and staff

ATR employs 130 engineers, technicians, and support personnel in a modern 62,5000 square foot headquarters and manufacturing facility in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. It features state-of-the-art computer design and computer aided manufacturing equipment, extensive tooling, plus testing, and research and development capabilities.

Design engineering

Applying their depth of knowledge in composite material application, ATR's engineering teams thrive on challenge. Their ingenuity and perseverance have been rewarded by numerous design breakthroughs that raise the comfort level of commercial aircraft passengers; and save costs by increasing the productive life of aircraft components.

Comprehensive design engineering capabilities range from conceptual design to design-to-specification.

ATR makes approximately 90% of all the tooling it uses, and virtually 100% of its non-metallic tools, ranging from 1' x 1' to 10' x 30'. In designing tools, ATR uses an electronic database developed for the part. In its substantial array of tools, ATR has a computer numerically-controlled five-axis router to ensure uniform results of repetitive tasks and a nitrogen-charged, 150 psi autoclave for consistent curing of large components.


The 35,000 square foot shop floor groups all project activities in a single area for maximum efficiency and optimal production rates. ATR manufacturing skills range from using traditional pre-impregnated materials to revolutionary processes such as Resin Transfer Molding. A labor-intensive process, manufacturing of components involves assembling and disassembling components, prior to shipping sets, to assure proper fit.

Quality assurance

Each component design is subjected to exhaustive testing in ATR's quality control laboratory, which includes a mechanical data analysis system, granite surface plate, Instron 1137 testing machine, and a 50-ton lab press. ATR is the only aerospace composite manufacturer with six on-site designated engineering representatives (DERs) and designated manufacturing inspection representatives (DMIRs) certified by the FAA.

Aircraft experience

ATR's roster of aircraft and manufacturers includes the Bell Huey Series 205 and Bell 230, Boeing 727, 737 and 757; British Aerospace Jetstream 31 and 32, the Canadair Challenger, Cessna, Douglas DC-9, Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, now Loral; Gulfstream III and IV; the Lockheed L-100, MacDonnell Douglas DC-9, and MD-11 for Federal Express; Textron Aerostructures Airbus Industrie A 330 and A340, U.S. Coast Guard Falcon jets, and many othersAdditionally ATR has built composite rail car bodies for the monorail system for Walt Disney World Resort, and provides composite panels, fasteners and pins for aircraft cabinetry and other interior and exterior structures.

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