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To New England's bottled water distributors, Castle Springs introduces pure, pure – really pure – mountain spring water from New Hampshire. I followed the specifications with an invitation for “everyone” to visit Castle in the Clouds tourist attraction: “Drink in the spectacular views.” It consists of the spring itself, the water bottling facility and premium, award-winning beer from the microbrewery, among other delights.

Discover Its Natural Attraction

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A Product of New Hampshire. Real, Beyond Imagination.

Unlike bottled waters that come from imaginary places, Castle Springs is a real place, with real mountains and real appeal. Its water is created on our eight-square-mile estate by abundant rains and snows, filtering down through layers of granite rocks and stones deep below the surface. This water bubbles up naturally, creating numerous spring sites throughout the estate.

The taste is refreshing and clear, reflecting the purity of our environmentally protected mountain spring water source. In fact, we’re so proud of Castle Springs water, we invite every consumer to see our source! Every bottle features an invitation to the public to visit this natural attraction. The breathtaking views of the Ossipee mountain range and Lake Winnipesaukee. Cascading waterfalls originating from our springs. And the sculpture of Glacial Age geological forces that created the source of Castle Springs natural spring water.

All Real, Beyond Imagination.

The purity of Castle Springs natural spring water is constantly, scientifically measured and verified. Reports from leading independent water testing and analyzing groups confirm these benefits:

Salt-Free Castle Springs is 12.5 times lower in sodium than the FDA allows in “sodium free” bottled water. While the FDA defines “sodium-free” as 20 parts per million of sodium per liter or less, Castle Springs has an exceptionally low level of 1.6 parts per million.

Extremely Low Total Dissolved Solids It is not uncommon to find other bottled waters sold in the United States with total dissolved solids that exceed 1,000 parts per million. Castle Springs has only 16 parts per million, naturally – among the lowest available in the world.

Naturally Clean and Pure Unlike bottled waters from municipal sources or from wells of questionable quality, Castle Springs does not require additional purification procedures. That’s because we own the entire watershed, providing complete environmental protection of our natural spring water. It’s consistently proven at the source to be free of contaminants, herbicides, pesticides – not even a trace of 150 common organic compounds found in some surface waters.

Visit the Source, Nestled in New Hampshire’s popular Lakes Region,
the 5,200-acre Castle

Springs estate takes its name from Castle in the Clouds, a well-known tourist attraction. Here, visitors may:

What’s more, outdoor enthusiasts are welcome to hike, picnic, take guided horseback trail rides and, of course, drink in the spectaclar views.


From left: Sparkling Water, 10-ounce and 28-ounce
Natural Water, 1-liter, 12-ounce, 1.5-liter, and 16.9-ounce
Natural Water, Sports Bottles, 1-liter and 20-ounce


Product Specifications

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Enjoy Real Dealer Support

Castle Springs natural spring water has well-established name recognition. Plus, Castle Springs supports dealers with:

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