Highwoods Preserve CD presentation excerpts
This text is excerpted from a CD I wrote for a six-building, high tech office complex. Offered by Highwoods Properties, the tenant abandoned it in 2001; two years later, its rental has turned around.

Highwoods Preserve

[Numbers in subheads indicate location on CD]

1210 Tax Incentives

Tampa offers a structured program of incentives, clear and wide. Tax credits. Cash grants. Training. It's good for all of them.

For example, it offers tax refunds of up to $xxxx per new job created in targeted sectors. In fact, Tampa consistently states its competitiveness ... and willingness to work with firms to bring business to the region.

Best of all, there is no state personal income tax. None whatsoever. That's a big draw to key personnel who relocate here. And the state sales tax is a mere 6.5%.

1220 Labor Pool Stats

Tampa Bay's population was about two-and-a-half million in 2002, the fourteenth-ranked MSA by size. Our labor force is 1,767,000 with an employment rate of 1,689,000. Unemployment is 4.4 percent. Nearly 22 percent of the labor pool has university degrees ... and wages are typically quite favorable to employers. The average wage scale is 66 percent, compared to New York. Tampa's cost of living index is at 97 percent, below the U.S. national average at 100 percent. And it's significantly below Manhattan, 97 percent compared to 218. We call it the Sunshine State and employers get a sunshine bonus – Tampa Bay is a wonderful location to work.

Educational Resources

Tampa is an attractive market for university and college students, with approximately 115,000 attending school here. Ten minutes south of Highwoods Preserve is the highly regarded University of South Florida, a major research center, that enrolls 40,000 students. It's also known for its business, engineering and medical schools.

And it’s home to the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, which is ranked eleventh in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. And nearby are the University Community Hospital and James A. Haley Regional VA Hospital.

Also in the area is a new branch of Florida A & M ... The University of Tampa, a historic landmark ... and the new Tampa branch of Stetson Law School.

Tampa’s public school system is good, and getting better. Tampa opened 10 schools in 2002 and 11 more in 2003, that's how fast the area has grown. And two new public high schools have been completed in New Tampa in the last six years to address rapid population growth. There's a balanced selection of private and religious schools as well. Redbook magazine’s Top 100 Schools includes Tampa's Plant High School. The New Tampa area is also home to a significant new Public Library.

1310 A Tampa Lifestyle

Whether you're an active participant or a spectator, Tampa has much to offer in sports, the arts and culture. Given the Tampa Bay area’s almost year-round sunshine ... coupled with our temperate climate ... you won’t travel far to find a challenging game of golf. You’ll find more than two dozen private and public courses within a 30-minute drive from the office, including the par 71 TPC of Tampa Bay, home to an annual Senior PGA Tour event. Other outdoor activities, from water sports to sky diving, to fishing, to the beaches, add more interest to an area rich with options.

No description of Tampa Bay would be complete without mention of the World Champion NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers ... We've got Major League Baseball's Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning. (Yes, there's hockey in Florida!)

Participants can enjoy a brand new YMCA facility within five minutes of Highwoods Preserve, convenient for a lunchtime workout or racquetball challenge.

Film has become important to Tampa Bay, as the area attracts more and more business from Hollywood. There's a vibrant arts community, from fine arts to performance art, to theater, to the world’s largest outdoor sidewalk art festival ... adding a vital flavor to the area's cultural balance.

1330 Wide selection of housing

Put an employee living just ten minutes from work, and you'll see job productivity and job satisfaction climb. Highwoods Preserve is surrounded by more than a dozen executive and staff-level planned communities and residential developments. Upscale homes in Avila, Tampa Palms, Hunter’s Green and Richmond Place are populated by New Tampa residents who trend toward the young, well-educated and urbane.

And three major child-care facilities are close to Highwoods Preserve. It's truly a family-friendly place to work.

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