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To help your company grow faster, easier and “better-peopled”

Get your hiring process really clicking!

Screen the best applicants on-screen

Break down the barriers to getting top-notch applicantsEvery day, you read about another CEO complaining that it’s getting harder to find good people. Of course, you already know about the labor shortage first-hand. The most talented people are working, well-satisfied. This poses a real problem for companies wanting to grow, and for HR personnel doing the searches.

Apply by Phone Screen(ABP) breaks down the barriers that make it difficult to find the best candidates. It enables you to attract good applicants locally, enterprisewide and nationwide! And it consistently produces three times more applicants – and better qualified applicants – with hire ratios up to 95%.

ABP interviews, pre-screens, evaluates and recruits thousands of applicants simultaneously, by computer keyboard, phone keypad and voice. Human Resource Management Center introduced ABP in 1993 to electronically recruit and screen job applicants.

Since then, ABP has interviewed millions of applicants and consistently pleased our clients. Over 97% of our clientele continue to use the ABP process.

Hire after hire, they enjoy a competitive advantage over organizations that use traditional methods only.


Proven effective, here’s how it works

Apply by Phone Screen (SM) is an interactive service that interviews, screens, ranks and even helps schedule meetings in-person for the most desirable candidates. It’s a friendly interview that sounds very much like a face-to-face screening.

First, our staff will write an interview script, customized specifically for your organization and recruiting need. You may use your existing ads or alternative sources of referral, listing the ABP telephone number, which applicants can call using a touch-tone phone; or Website address. Both enable applicants to interview with your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HR professionals can retrieve the results by phone or use the Internet to review interviews in real time. Here’s how Apply by Phone works.

Let’s say a top-notch engineer, sipping coffee and browsing the latest alumni newsletter, sees your ad.With only mild interest in your job opening, this ideal candidate picks up the phone and hears all about the opportunity and the benefits of working for your corporation. Her interest piques.

She proceeds with the interview. ABP asks her a series of questions that she answers using the phone keypad and spoken responses. Not a test, not a pass-fail filter, instead the interview uses an interactive information-gathering format, lasting an average 15 to 20 minutes for qualified applicants. In addition to the obvious questions about education and skills, ABP can measure attitude, corporate fit and behaviors that will help you select candidates who would be most successful in the hiring manager’s unit.

Based on the criteria you establish, ABP automatically ranks the candidate and ends the call appropriately – always courteously – to manage the candidate’s expectations. Top ranking applicants will sense a keen interest. Others will be thanked warmly, without raising their hopes.

In our example, thanks to the ease and around-the-clock access to ABP, you nabbed a highly prized resume-deficient candidate, and perhaps several good candidates like her; applicants you’d never get using traditional processes. Quickly, effortlessly.

How ABP gets the best candidates to apply

Traditionally, recruiters advertise in the local newspaper. However, passive job seekers rarely scan the classified ads, limiting your universe of candidates. Even using alternative sources, searches typically require an up-to-date resume. (Bummer! says the candidate.)

That narrows down your search to motivated applicants only, not necessarily the cream of the crop. After you read the resume, traditionally, you invite the applicant to an interview – requiring him or her to take time off work, drive across town and wait in your lobby (risking exposure). This process belittles even highly motivated, qualified candidates. At best, it’s time consuming. Here’s how ABP overcomes these obstacles.

Enhances alternative sourcing.

To catch the attention of good candidates, ABP enhances creative sourcing by removing the number-one barrier – a current resume as a prerequisite to applying. ABP makes it easy to respond, so virtually everyone does it, yielding a far greater flow of applicants.

No résumé? No problem!

Most highly qualified candidates haven’t updated their resumes in years. They value their free time. And for highly desirable candidates, new-job hunting isn’t a priority anyway. ABP quickly, automatically gathers resume-type data, so you get all the information you need.

Eliminates geographic barriers.

ABP vastly expands your search, whether in your own community or nationwide. It’s easy for any interested candidate to apply, and cost-efficient for ABP to interview them all. It lets both parties get up-close and personal without your paying speculative and expensive travel costs to interview lower-ranking candidates.

Among the advantages you gain with ABP—

It opens up access to your Job Hotline via phone or the Internet.

It reaches passive job seekers and others not currently in the job market.

It screens applicants – the people, not the piece of paper (the resume), which is aself-description by the applicant. It lets you screen for prerequisites, attitude and behavioral proficiencies to identify the cream of the crop. ABP asks your questions. You control the initial screening process.

ABP makes it easy for the best candidates to apply by phone and-or the Internet.

It documents the interview and sorts candidates in order from the most desirable applicant to the least suited.

It pre-screens a high quantity of applicants – up to thousands simultaneously – in one, easy process.

Gives HR a remote control command post

ABP lets HR personnel review the interviews on-screen, viewing and listening in real time – enterprisewide and nationwide. It ranks applicants instantaneously, with the cream rising to the top.

Monitoring ABP enables recruiters to review thousands of job-specific interviews and immediately schedule a face-to-face interview with the best applicants. A new, optional scheduling feature simplifies this process, too. Recruiters can also download interview results from our secure, firewall-protected server; and make annotations. ABP lets you sort interview data by job skills and proficiency level, as well as behavior-based criteria, vital to ensuring corporate fit and teamwork.

Faster — Timely hiring is important for several reasons. First, every open job requisition costs the company in terms of lost productivity. As the process drags out, it consumes HR’s limited resources. Furthermore, HR’s customers – the hiring managers – will become impatient for results. By identifying the top candidates, ABP saves you all the time it takes to see lesser, unqualified individuals. The system can handle thousands of interviews simultaneously, automatically escalating the most preferred applicants to the top. With the ability to recruit three times more applicants than using traditional methods, by reducing the time-to-fill, HR becomes more valuable to the corporation and earns greater respect and rapport with hiring managers.

Easier — ABP breaks through the barriers to attracting good people. Applicants can call anytime, without producing a new resume. Plus, ABP makes it easier for you to screen candidates. It measures candidates, based on their own responses to job-specific questions. And it sorts information, analyzes results of the interview and tracks the hiring process.

And because the process is purely objective, without bias, it simplifies record-keeping and helps confirm EEO compliance. Filling job openings has never been easier!

Better — Rarely does a job description call for “a warm body.” Managers want the best qualified job candidate possible. ABP expands your capability to find that person. Moreover, ABP enables HR to standardize hiring practices throughout the company by centralizing recruitment. It gives HR control over the entire process, enterprisewide.

And, because ABP is an objective process, it ensures EEO compliance, reducing the risk of violations in a far-flung branch office.

The bottom line

Your company is hiring for good reason: to get the resources it needs to meet company goals. That takes quality people. ABP will make your HR department more productive, enabling you to stretch your own human resources. In fact, Apply by Phone Screen pays for itself in time savings.
We can get you started right away. In less than a week, you’ll benefit from the speed, ease of use and ability to recruit the best people possible. We’ve demonstrated that over and over. Give us just one project, and we’ll prove it to you, too.

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A company of HR professionals

Founded in 1984,Human Resource Management Center, Inc. (HRMC) provides community- and organizationbased human resource solutions that help clients “do more with less.”Originally formed to address the emerging need for companies of all sizes to maintain a lean in-house staff, supplemented by outside, hands-on assistance, HRMC provides human resource administration and information management services.

Services include community-based wage surveys, performance enhancement strategies, training assistance, relocation/start-up assistance, HR function re-engineering, contract recruiting and personnel administration services. In 1989, HRMC began developing our Electronic Job Matching (EJM)SM family of services to improve and automate the process of locating and screening applicants. Recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor, the OFCCP and chosen one of the top 20 new services nationwide, EJM was also utilized in a nationally significant, Educational Testing Services sponsored school-to-work transition program called WORKLINK™.

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