Castle Springs brochure introducing new service
The is a new, pure delivery system, the purest available, thanks to its “stay-sealed spout,” which I named. As a secondary point, I pitched the “tour-and-taste” of Castle Springs. Download PDF

New! From Castle Springs

Now, we deliver premium water
to your home or office!


Now, refreshing pure water flows from our spring to your glass

Introducing Castle Springs home and office delivery service – the easiest way ever to enjoy refreshing premium natural spring water! Now, pure taste flows from our environmentally protected mountain water source right into your glass.

No splash, no mess, no waste. And even more exciting is Castle Springs’ revolutionary, ultra-convenient stay-sealed design. You’ll never need to uncap, lift and overturn another open bottle! No handling, no aiming, no messy splash or spills!

Instead, you simply place a sealed bottle top-down onto the cooler prong to automatically pop off the protective cap. It’s that easy!

Purest delivery system available

And most important of all, our unique 100% sealed system safeguards against exposure to hand- and air-borne contaminents, making Castle Springs the highest-purity water delivery system available today. Featuring:

Delicious every day in so many ways

Unlike bottled waters that come from imaginary places, Castle Springs is a real place, with real mountains – a product of New Hampshire. Here, the rains and melting snows filter down through layers of granite rocks and stones, and bubble up naturally to our environmentally protected water source. It tastes refreshingly clear, reflecting the purity of its mountain spring water source.
In fact, reports from leading independent water testing and analyzing groups confirm these benefits:

Salt-free Castle Springs has an exceptionally low level of sodium, 12.5 times lower than the FDA allows in “sodium-free” bottled water!

Naturally clean and pure Unlike bottled waters from municipal sources or from wells of questionable quality, Castle Springs does not require additional purification procedures.

Unsurpassed clarity Among the lowest total dissolved solids in the world.
That high purity means healthier, better tasting water – and richer, full-flavored coffee, iced tea, juice, instant soup, even ice cubes.

Come visit the source

Castle Springs is a spectacular 5,200-acre estate named for Castle in the Clouds, a well-known tourist attraction in New Hampshire’s popular Lakes Region. Surrounded by breathtaking views of the Ossipee mountain range and Lake Winnipesaukee, Castle in the Clouds welcomes you to “tour and taste.”

For tour information, call 800-729-2468.

Call now for home and office delivery!

We bring the clean, delicious taste of Castle Springs mountain spring water right to your door – the highest-purity water delivery system available today.

Simply call toll-free 1-866-928-3700. Then toast the convenience, and drink to your health!

Also look for Castle Springs premium bottled water in stores!

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Come see for yourself

Visit the 5,400-acre Castle Springs estate and bottling facility, Route 171, Moultonborough, New Hampshire. For tour information, call 800-729-2468

Call today for details, (800) 729-2468

Rt 171, Moultonborough, New Hampashire
Owned and managed by the Lakes Region Conservation Trust

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