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I named this private label service FastSplash!(sm) for its fast turnaround, friendly service and affordable small orders. Market research added to my personal experience of buying water at concerts and gyms, and as corporate gift-giving. Why not Make a big splash? Download PDF

New FastSplash!(sm) Exclusively from Castle Springs.
Fast, friendly & affordable private label bottled water.

Make a big splash!

Now, make a name for yourself with your own private label on natural mountain spring water from New Hampshire, among the purest in the world. Only FastSplash! service from Castle Springs delivers the excitement of private label bottled water to mid-sized businesses, retailers and the hospitality industry; at community and sports events. For publicity, image enhancement, profitable resale; as giveaways, souvenirs, commemoratives and more. Choose natural spring and sparkling waters in popular, sports and upscale bottles, in various sizes.

Proven crowd-pleasers!
Show and tell ’em who you are, what you do.

Keeps your name at your customers’ fingertips and on the tips of their tongues! Castle Springs identifies and promotes you, and creates good will. Your private label sells for you!

Raises name awareness.
When people see your name “everywhere,” your name immediately comes to mind. And private labels encourage display on office desks and bookcases, where other people see them frequently; and in homes.

Polishes your image.
Clearly show what you stand for! Because Castle Springs is rated the highest quality water in the world, you’ll identify yourself with standards like —

  • Upscale products
    and service
  • Superior taste
  • Leadership
  • Environmental concern
  • Health awareness, vigor
  • Family values
  • You name it!

Increases your revenue.
Add your own private label to Castle Springs water, and you add value! Bottled water appeals to all customers, prospects and guests – even finicky kids. Elegant glass bottles add upscale value, too.

Boosts profitability.
Thanks to our fast turnaround, you can order in smaller quantities. Avoid carrying costs!

Shows health-consciousness.
Castle Springs is far purer than “designer-name” bottled waters. In fact, scientific tests results prove it! (See back page.)

Buffs up your sports message.
Nothing says excellence in sports like bottled water. It makes a great fund-raiser for student competitions, too.

Shows client, employee appreciation.
Give upscale private label bottled water to your valued business partners. Show your appreciation to workgroup team players, too.

Supports business initiatives.
When you put your company’s logo, program or campaign message on a private label, it demonstrates your commitment and raises awareness, which in turn, helps create more enthusiasm.

Creates long-lasting memories.
Private label bottles promise years of memories as souvenirs. Start a new tradition of collectibles at your annual events, too.

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Make a big promotional splash!

  • Business conferences
  • Hotel mini-bars,
  • Your restaurant-brand
  • New product launches
  • Corporate gift-giving
  • Sales collateral,
  • Trade shows, conventions
  • Team building
  • Sports tournament
  • Health clubs, gyms,
    salons, spas
  • Hospitals, health care


Takes as little as two weeks for delivery!

With your order and approved label design in our hands, we’ll deliver your own private label bottled water, right to your door, in just two weeks.

What’s more, we can expedite the process by designing a private label for you. We’ve created hundreds of unique, attention-getting labels for customers ranging from national sports events to small colleges.

It’s the hassle-free way to show your logo, present your message and identify yourself.


More than excitement, we deliver attentive service

We know that you demand and deserve good service. In fact, we owe our years of success to customer satisfaction. We’ll gladly help you every step of the way. For example, we’ll share our expertise with you to select the right kind and size of bottles, with natural or sparkling water; and we’ll recommend ideal quantities for your promotional use.

Got an active audience? Go with the popular sports bottle. Seeking to impress your crowd? Then, sparkling water in a glass bottle is for you! Whatever your goal, FastSplash! service will help you achieve it!


We welcome smaller orders, by the pallet

And here’s what makes FastSplash! such a welcome opportunity

Most private label bottled water companies require you to order truckloads as a minimum, with long-term financial commitments. That’s too much! Only Castle Springs welcomes smaller orders, starting at just one pallet. That’s it! Even on short notice, with your label design approval, it takes just two weeks for delivery. And of course, we look forward to repeat orders as you discover more advantages of private label water service from Castle Springs. With decades of experience, we easily handle large, enterprise-wide orders, too!

Call us about FastSplash! today

Let’s get started right away! We’ll gladly help you identify the many ways Castle Springs can help you make a big publicity splash, fast! Join our impressive roster of major private label customers. Call now!

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What’s behind your name? The purest, best tasting bottled water.

Castle Springs is a real place, the source of our natural spring water – among the purest available in the world! On our 5,200-acre mountain estate, abundant rains and snow filter down through layers of granite rocks and stones, and bubble up naturally to create its pristine springs.

And the taste is refreshing and clear, reflecting the purity of our environmentally protected mountain spring water source.

Compare that to “designer name” and other bottled waters that come from municipal tap-water sources or wells of questionable quality. (When you see their claims of rigorous processing, “reverse osmosis” and purification systems – think. Why is all that treatment necessary?) Castle Springs does not require additional purification procedures!

Further, our natural spring is constantly, scientifically measured and verified. It’s 12.5 times lower in sodium than the FDA definition of “sodium-free.” And although you can buy bottled waters with total dissolved solids that exceed 1,000 parts per million, Castle Springs has only 16 parts per million – naturally among the lowest available in the world.

And Castle Springs natural spring water is con-sistently proven at the source to be free of contaminants, herbicides, pesticides – not even a trace of 150 common organic compounds found in some surface waters.

We invite you to visit the source!

We invite customers to visit this famous mountain estate. Tour the Castle in the Clouds mansion and visit our water source and bottling facility. Better yet, call us today, and make a name for yourself with FastSplash! private label bottled water from Castle Springs.

Call now!


Castle Springs, LLC
Route 171, Moultonborough, New Hampshire 03254

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