Greatstone Mortgage TV spot
Storyboard for a 60-second ad with emotional appeal...

1. VIDEO – INT Nice kitchen with huge dog in foreground

AUDIO – MOM “We wanted to start our family the right way. In a comfortable home with room to grow.”

2. VIDEO – PAN to reveal very pregnant MOM (looks down and pats or strokes tummy)

AUDIO – MOM (on screen) “But at the time, we weren’t expecting to have twins.”

3. VIDEO – DAD walks into frame

AUDIO – DAD “That’s why I’m glad we chose GreatStone Mortgage. Because only GreatStone could give us guarantees.”

4. VIDEO – BUILD SUPERS in synch:
  • Guaranteed
  • Lowest interest rate
  • Lowest mortgage payment
  • (VISA logo) credit limit

AUDIO – DAD “We got the lowest possible interest rate. The lowest possible mortgage payment...And only GreatStone guaranteed us a VISA card with a great credit limit.”

5. VIDEO – DAD with MOM waddling into twin's nicely- furnished baby bedroom. PAN room to show expensive toys, double stroller, etc.

AUDIO – MOM “That VISA credit is coming in handy now.”

6. VIDEO – TWO SHOT of MOM and DAD (very loving “Kodak moment”)

AUDIO – MOM “And because GreatStone is a government approved lender...we’ve never felt more secure.”

7. VIDEO – CUT TO GreatStone logo
SUPER 1-800-200-8484
BUILD SUPERS in synch:
  • Conventional mortgages
  • Special government programs
  • Guaranteed (VISA logo) credit limit

AUDIO – ANNCR in friendly VO “Call GreatStone now at 1-800-200-8484…for conventional mortgages and access to special government programs…Plus the VISA credit you deserve. It’s the very most you can do for your family.”

8. VIDEO – DOG walking into babies’ bedroom
SUPER AND HOLD 1-800-200-8484

AUDIO – ANNCR VO “Because life delivers enough surprises.”

9. VIDEO – CUT TO POV DAD Dog lies down next to two or more young PUPPIES
SUPER AND HOLD 1-800-200-8484

AUDIO – SFX PUPPIES whimpering
ANNCR “Call GreatStone for guarantees.”

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