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Here, an industrial and commercial company wants to break into the consumer marketplace. They have the credentials; I created the need.

Power surges cost you in downtime, damage and destruction.

Zsst! They break into your home that fast!

Surgeassure gives you industrial-strength protection!

Like an invisible thief, power surges can break into your home and rob you of all your sensitive electronics: your security system, satellite dish and TVs, computers, microwave oven, air conditioning and more. Surges are caused by lightning, power supply hiccups, even normal operation (like turning devices off and on). Whenever too much electricity runs through your lines, imagine what happens to your investment – lost, in a flash – because your appliances are useless, damaged or destroyed.

Now, protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind with Surgeassure protection.

How Surgeassure secures your home

Surgeassure offers “protection zones” that surround your home with maximum security. Choose the package that's right for you. All with a $100,000 warranty to protect your investment.

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A history of protection

Surgeassure is a division of Advanced Protection Technologies (APT), in business since 1985. It's a global manufacturer, who earned its reputation for excellence in commercial and industrial surge protection – a market where critical or electronic loads cost billions of dollars a year.

Now, they apply the same high level of quality to residential security.

In fact, APT received the coveted Frost and Sullivan market engineering award, for third time, for superior service and support.

Protect your investment in valuable electronic devices, electric appliances and your most important electronic asset, your home security system.

Find out more, or order your Surgeassure surge protection packages today!

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