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M ssing s mething?

Not with this new campaign.

“The new AAA Visa® promotion, “Missing Something,” is the first campaign to show the new “Face of Financial Services,” selected by Financial Services Champions at the annual meeting last November.

Launched in February, the “Missing Something” goal is to increase use of the AAA Visa credit card among existing cardholders. It reminds them of all the benefits the card has to offer and encourages use for more of their every day purchases.

“Missing Something” posters and take-one brochures are making their appearance in branch offices, and “Missing Something” will be featured in the AAA Visa statement insert in March.

Also, don’t miss more-targeted marketing efforts, such as a direct mail campaign, in the next few months.

The campaign kicked off with a feature article in the February e-newsletter. The branch materials urge customers to “Ask a AAA Associate for details, and find out what you’ve been missing.” So, find out!

For more information on this campaign or any other marketing program, please contact ...

Sales tips...You do the math

Enjoying the popularity it had a year ago, but it’s still a great card. And it’s a real benefit when cardholders know how easy is it to get the full 5% rebate. Just explain the AAA Magic Formula, compliments of Alan Carter, District Manager, Sarasota. Using your AAA Visa Card on a typical month, for example:

If someone purchases $50 a month in gas (at any station) they only have to purchases $75 worth of other goods (Can be anything). For many people $75 is one trip to the grocery store. Their balance will only be $125 and they’ll receive the full 5% rebate on their gas purchases.

Another example is if someone spends $100 a month in gas. To get their full rebate they’ll need to spend $150 on non-gas purchases (that’s probably just a few bills). They’re total balance is only $250 and they’ll receive a $5 rebate.

Tell cardholders: This way, it costs no more than you already pay each month, but with the AAA Visa Card, you get gas for 5% less!

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