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In every employee newsletter, I balance information with kudos. A variety of articles kept the newsletter lively.

New on-hold phone message system will help you serve and sell more

Now you can serve and sell to customers on the phone, even when they’re on hold!

IAA is rolling out a new on-hold message phone system that will allow you to help callers, provide information and market your services during the time it takes to get back to the call.

And while our goal is to minimize how often – and how long– we put customers on hold, now we can communicate a positive message during otherwise idle time.

“This is another tool in the arsenal of support that IAA is providing to branches, to help you become more competitive and productive,” said Linda Larrabee, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

IAA’s new on-hold message will give the company a uniform customer interface in all locations, consistent with our Mission Statement and Guiding Principles. Branches can complement the theme with local or regional information and change the message regularly at no additional cost. In fact, IAA encourages managers to regularly refresh their on-hold messages and keep them interesting.

We’re really making it easy for you.

Branch managers already should have received an information packet about the new system, along with the first script. (Please review it, now. If the script is not 100% accurate for your branch – for example, if it promises services that your branch does not offer – call Dan Oscarson at [phone number] right away with your corrections.)

Impressions On Hold, our vendor, will send you a small electronic communications device that connects to your existing phone system. Cross-Com National, a local support team, will install it for you. And Impressions On Hold will download your site-specific phone message automatically. The cost to each branch is $55 plus tax a month, billed directly to Schaumburg.

That’s all there is to it! Following are some highlights:

Got questions?

For technical assistance with installation, equipment use and similar issues, call Bob Szczepanski at [phone number]. If the script is not accurate, please immediately call Dan Oscarson at [phone number]. Impressions on Hold invites IAA employees to visit its website at www ... for more information. We also welcome your feedback.

And while it’s still important to avoid making your callers wait, the vehicle providers will appreciate this active selling to buyers on hold.

It’s yet another win for IAA!

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