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After pro-bono work as editor of ADLib, the Tampa Bay Advertising Federation newsletter, I was “promoted” to editor of Go Fourth, the Fourth District Advertising Federation newsletter – also pro-bono. I pumped out five issues a year on time, every time.

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Fly-in a success, session ends
with no new ad taxes.
4AAF names Jack Hebert, lobbyist.

“We didn’t expect much in the way of the legislature taking up tax exemptions this year. It’s an election year,” said Jack Hebert at the Fourth District Fly-in event in Tallahassee.

Jack has been a 4AAF political advertiser, PAC chair, and is now our official lobbyist. He will stay current on legislative issues as they affect the advertising industry, and benefit 4AAF as the “unifying voice of advertising.”

The purpose of the Fly-in was to reinforce the industry’s grassroots, so that lawmakers would remember their local voters – ad agencies, media, free-lancers, suppliers and filmmakers.

After a panel discussion, attendees visited their senators and representatives, heard Speaker of the House Johnnie Byrd try to coerce lawmakers into rescinding the telecommunications bill, visited Senate President Jim King and topped the day by visiting Metropolitan Advertising owner, Senator Victor Crist (R-Temple Terrace).

The combination of having Jack Hebert as a lobbyist, and our strong grassroots participation, reminds legislators that “Advertising Fuels Florida’s Economy.” We welcome Jack in representing the advertising community!

Fourth District AAF launches
Keep Art in Schools

Most elementary schools in Florida no longer have formal art instruction, due to budget cuts and lack of time. That’s why the 4AAF is launching a major public service initiative this fall – Keep Art in Schools. Because art makes us more human, and creates deeper long-lasting benefits, the program will teach simple elements of design and art to 6,000 Florida students. Art and creative directors will bring to the schools art supplies, their talent and the curriculum to tie it all together.

“Lime Street Elementary School in Lakeland beta-tested this idea with great success,” says Will Gregory, Public Service Co-Chair. “After their experience – the students, teachers and administration highly approved of the project. It is easy and it works.”

This initiative combines public service with 4AAF’s legislative efforts. Next spring, the art projects will be hand-delivered by 4AAF members to the Florida Senate, sending a message that art should be funded.

“I’m very pleased with the campaign. It’s relevant to our industry and necessary for our schools,” said Tom Hayes, governor of 4AAF. The district also has created a promotional campaign to motivate other community agencies to spread the art. For details, contact . . .

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