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The “boot” reference addresses the audience, internal project managers. They can save money and get their projects “to boot” faster.

How to get more I.T. resources
to work on your projects.

(And save money to boot!)

Call us to handle your project’s
configuration management needs.

Does this sound familiar to you?

“We’re overcommitted! We need more technical resources to help with all our projects. We need more hardware, tools and software.”

I.T.’s Configuration Management (CM) group supports you who develop, implement and enhance GTE’s systems. We share our resources and assets with your project teams doing configuration management, the step required between development and production. In fact, it’s our role to help you as I.T. acts to standardize its processes and tools.

The CM group supports GTEDS’ most heavily used platforms – Unix client/server and Windows 95/NT, IBM mainframe (for CBSS, CABS, etc), Tandem and the Web/intranet, among others. It comprises about 100 CM-trained specialists, including many GTEDS software developers. The group:

The CM group will help you identify project needs and the scope of required CM activities to maintain, control, monitor and manage software components. We’ll also provide servers, install and support automated CM tools and help manage and control your software products throughout their evolution – from requirements to production, maintenance and change.

By offloading these responsibilities from overburdened small teams to CM, project managers save time and money. Offloading also enables developers and production support staff to apply their talents to the next challenge on the department’s to-do list.

What’s the catch? No catch.

Simply put, standardization will allow I.T. to get products and services to the end-user quicker, better and more cost-effectively. And that’s not just a theory. In the software industry, companies with standardized processes have improved their productivity by an average of 35 percent in a year.

That’s why I.T. has adopted the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) as a Top Five initiative. The objective is to improve our capability to deliver quality software products that meet the company’s cost objectives and commitments, to achieve a Level 3 rating by the year 2000.

Practically speaking, with standardized configuration management:

With so many products under development, enhancement or modification, CM is vital to the company’s success. So, call us before you start project planning. You’ll save time and money with CM on your team and enjoy more resources, too! To learn more:

Call CM at [phone number ], or go to

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