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On time, every time, this monthly newsletter informed and entertained the club membership, for the six years of my volunteer service as editor. It earned two District ADDYĆ awards and a National ADDY award for creativity.

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Ken Banks to present strategic directions for marketing success in these turbulent times.

Thursday, October 18, 11:45 am
1:30 pm Crowne Plaza, Tampa 700 N. Westshore

A slumping economy. Increased competition. Bad weather. Terrorist attacks. These are all adverse reasons for a downturn in your business. So, how do some companies continue to prosper in this turbulent environment?

“The key lies in the strength of their brand, marketing and advertising strategies,” says Ken Banks, nationally acclaimed retail marketing consultant, formerly head of marketing for Circuit City and Eckerd Drugs. Most recently, he developed the first overall branding strategy for PETsMART, Inc. and revised its promotional programs with solid positioning based on extensive consumer research. Ken will demonstrate the best principles for success — backed by case studies of companies who’ve withstood challenges and continue to prevail — on October 18 at 11:45 am – 1:30 pm, at the Crowne Plaza, Tampa.

His 30-plus years of expertise began in brand management of Folgers Coffee for Procter & Gamble. He served Doner Advertising, with retail clients including Venture, May Co., Foley’s, Wickes and Pic n Pay Shoes. At Fahlgren Benito, his account roster boasted State of Florida tourism, McDonald ’s, Florida Cadillac Dealers, Beall ’s Outlet, the Tampa Tribune and others.

His credits also include an Advertising Age award for top TV retail commercial, Clio awards finalist twice, Retail Advertising conference awards for both radio and TV, and multiple ADDY awards. He was inducted into the Retail Advertising Hall of Fame (1990) and won the Television Bureau’s first national award for Innovation in Retail Television Advertising (1994). Previously, Ken served as vice president of the former Tampa Ad Federation and won the TAF Silver Medal for distinguished service.

He continues to serve on the executive committee of the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, Chicago. And his essays have been published in retail books from ICSC and RAMA, as well as Arthur Anderson Retailing Issues letters. So join us at TBAF ’s next meeting to learn strategies for weathering these turbulent times. We forecast enlightenment! When you RSVP before October 16, members pay just $25, guests, $35. Walk-ins without RSVPs, on stand-by, add $5.

Don’t worry. Be happy.

State ad tax hearings coming up

Don’t wonder why, if you see upcoming public hearings concerning the ad industry tax legislation enacted last year. Everything’s cool in Tallahassee. The Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) is very close to finalizing the regulations. A state rules committee has drafted language, proposed to implement the legislation. During that draft stage, Florida AAF members gave input to the DOR. Soon, as part of the rules-making process, AAF members and others will testify in public hearings, the date to be announced. These are official, final steps that will put the law on the books.

This new legislation rights a wrong, caused by tax laws that were previously wrongly written. (Have you hugged a copywriter today?)

Individual state auditors were misinterpreting the ambiguous tax law and were randomly, unfairly levying taxes and penalties on ad services including design, illustration and copywriting. AAF Fourth District (Florida/Caribbean) supported professional lobbying efforts for six years before TBAF member Jack Hebert, Government Relations Chair, took over and led a grassroots effort that netted successful, unanimous support. The biggest hurdle was convincing legislators that creating advertising concepts is a service, like an attorney’s persuasive argument, and was never meant to be taxed. (Florida rejected a services tax in 1987.) As always, TBAF will keep members updated through meeting announcements, the ADlib newsletter, Website (www.TBAF.org) and other communications. You also can read the approved law at (www.aaf.org/relations/grjune99.htm).

The other big issue is privacy, as it relates to online profiling. The danger is that many government officials believe that online profiling is an irreparably harmful activity that must be dealt with severely. The Federal Trade Commission is preparing for its annual sweep of commercial Web sites to determine the prevalence of privacy issues. AAF seeks to encourage the FTC to wait for the results of its sweep before making a final report. The danger goes beyond online privacy. Many advertising industry observers believe that restrictions will extend offline, leading to legislative limits to general database marketing and direct mail practices.

AAF is working to develop a strategy to inform policy makers about the role of advertising in keeping much of the Internet free. Undue restrictions on targeted marketing could reduce revenue to Websites and result in fee-based subscription services.

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