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The “reasons why” were complicated, yet I simplified them.

Shrink your need for costly corrugate,
thanks to Barry-Wehmiller.

Packaging your products every which way but loose.


Custom-engineered and standard
packaging equipment

As a manufacturer, you see rising prices everywhere you look. Case in point — the escalating cost of corrugate.

Why box yourself into such costly packaging?

Instead, let Barry-Wehmiller help you improve your profit margin with custom packaging system solutions to lower your production costs. By minimizing your use of corrugate. Speeding up production line output. And reducing manual labor. Without compromising mission-critical product protection.

What's more, with Barry-Wehmiller standard and custom-engineered equipment, you only buy and pay for the functions you need.

Protecting your profits

Barry-Wehmiller presents better, more-economical alternatives: Wraparound cartons without partitions. Top and bottom trays that double as display cases. Multipack shrinkwrap. And much more.

The innovation leader, Barry-Wehmiller features a complete line of case packers, bundlers, shrink film systems, and tray packers that result in clean, tight, and attractive packages. Because we develop custom solutions, you arrive at exactly the right balance of product protection, speed, cost of materials, and product handling while meeting your distribution and marketing requirements.

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What are your priorities? Corrugate gives you firm product protection, but it means you compromise efficiency in cost, speed and product handling. Let Barry-Wehmiller design the packaging line that balances your objectives, exactly hiting the mark. Just a few examples of our standard and custom-engineered solutions for packaging bags, cartons, cans, or bottles:

  • Corrugate-wrapped product,
    partitioned cases
  • – Gently packs or unpacks into partition pockets
  • – Continuous motion
  • – Speed – 60 cases a minute

  • Corrugate-wrapped product,
    non-partitioned cases
  • – Slowly, gently packs and unpacks cases
  • – Drop-releases products into partition pockets
  • – Continuous motion
  • – Speed – 35 cases a minute

  • Wraparound non-partitioned cases
  • – Secures bags, cartons, cans or bottles
  • – Reduces material costs by up to 30%
  • – Speed – up to 100 cases per minute

  • Wraparound display cases,
  • – Removable-top case serves double-duty
  • – Reduces material costs by up to 30%
  • – Speed – up to 100 cases per minute

  • Top and botton tray, shrink wrapped
  • – Protects in corrugate and chipboard trays
  • – Safeguards with tamper-evident packaging
  • – Lowers material cost
  • – Reduces solid waste
  • – Speed – up to 100 trays per minute
  • Bottom tray, shrink wrapped
  • – Protects in corrugate and
    chipboard trays
  • – Safeguards with tamper-evident packaging
  • – Serves as display case
  • – Lowers material cost even more
  • – Reduces solid waste even more
  • – Speed – up to 100 trays per minute

  • Multi-pack, padded,
    shrink wrapped
  • – Collates durables, flexible packaging
  • – Protects with pad
  • – Displays product clearly
  • – Low material cost
  • – Low amount of solid waste
  • – Speed – up to 85 bundles per minute

  • Multi-pack, non-padded, shrink wrapped
  • – Collates durables in multiple
    patterns, layers
  • – Displays product clearly
  • – Lowest material cost
  • – Least amount of solid waste
  • – Speed – up to 85 bundles per minute

Leading the pack in systems integration solutions

Make Barry-Wehmiller your single source for multiple technologies. And benefit from modular design, advanced control systems and newly-pioneered techniques. Like our unique slide-in/slide-out pattern formation and loader components that adapt to just-in-time production requirements. Plus intermittant and continuous-motion run options. And net weigh fillers to eliminate costly overfilling.

The Barry-Wehmiller servo-controlled Flex Packers can answer your most difficult packaging requirements. For example, the Model 4500 Flex Packer meets the demands of today’s short-run, multi-tasking manufacturing environment; complete with a workstation for finite digital operation and diagnostic readouts. This versatile case packer lets you run multiple products and case sizes with minimal changeover time. With optional servo-controlled lane diverter and partition insertion equipment.

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Just in time! The versatile Model 4500 Flex Packer short-run, multi-tasking case packer runs multiple products and case sizes. Allows quick-and-easy changeover to run wraparound cases, preglued RSC cases or trays.

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