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I created Performance Plus® as a “corporate mandate” which, along with ISO 9000 and other quality features, differentiate this so-called commodity product of Web-based applications.

Get the Performance Plus® advantage

On-time delivery is assured. Quality prevails. Customer satisfaction soars.

From Stephen Shevlin, CEO —

At CompuLink, our prime business objective is to deliver excellent quality beyond merely conforming to customers’ specifications. And while other cable assembly manufacturers may promise quality, only CompuLink raises the standard to a much higher level, “Performance Plus” to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

It’s our corporate mandate.

As you learn more about CompuLink, you’ll see how skillfully we serve our customers with responsive service, superior technical solutions, quality workmanship, on-time delivery and administrative accuracy. In fact, customer satisfaction is an integral part of all CompuLink activities.

And while we follow strict procedures to serve your best interest, we also remain flexible enough to adapt to all your requirements.

We invite you to call us and see how greatly our Performance Plus advantage will delight you.

Ensure your product quality by offering ours

CompuLink is an ISO 9000-certified manufacturer of high quality, build-to-print and standard, internal and external cables and harnesses. We serve original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), end-users and distributors nationwide with excellence in design engineering, prototype fabrication and volume production.

CompuLink enjoys solid, ongoing relationships with top Fortune 500 companies in virtually every industry, providing cable and harness assemblies for diverse applications including computers, communications, and automotive. Further, CompuLink maintains in-house procedures to meet stringent requirements for medical equipment manufacturing and high reliability protocols of the military.

We manufacture external copper and fiber optic cable assemblies, as well as OEM equivalents, to carry voice, data and video for applications including structured cabling systems, local area networks, wide area networks, factory automation systems, videoconferencing and point of sale. These external cable assemblies are well-suited for diverse communications environments such as universities, call centers and banking.

CompuLink additionally excels in electromechanical assemblies, that is, combining metal, plastic, electrical and electronic components to manufacture more complex cable assemblies that incorporate printed circuit boards, fans, switches, power supplies, panel assemblies and other, higher level components.

We’re also recognized for quality molded cable assemblies, die-formed plastic molding over cable connector ends. In addition to featuring aesthetic details such as your logo, special colors and more, CompuLink molded cable assemblies fully comply with your critical dimensional requirements and add durability in molded strain relief applications.

In partnership with innovative OEMs, we also produce high pin count/high density cable assemblies and connectors, among thousands of other cable assembly products
CompuLink was ranked by Inc. magazine as one of America’s fastest growing private companies in 1989 and 1990. We continue to expand as a premiere supplier, with $42 million in annual sales projected in 1996. CompuLink employs more than 500 professionals and technicians in Florida, serving customers nationwide since 1984.

Quality implementation yields quality output

CompuLink unites all physical plants, human resources and manufacturing processes into one comprehensive, quality system. In effect, our line performs as a seamless extension of your line. Our output fits your output, even when you’re expediting production. And that’s a significant plus.

Our physical plant enhances communication

Our facilities comprise a 36,000 square foot headquarters, manufacturing and distribution complex in St. Petersburg, FL, supported by locations in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, and North Carolina. Our unique plant layout—

CompuLink is fully equipped with high precision, regularly calibrated equipment to support production-volume cable assembly, wire preparation, stripping, terminating, molding and testing. Additionally, we invest in technology that—

A mental attitude, a quality culture

Performance Plus starts at the top. Our chief executives founded CompuLink and gained distinct success for quality products and services that focus, above all, on customer satisfaction. As role models, they exemplify CompuLink’s corporate culture, “Quality as a mental attitude.”

In hiring, CompuLink seeks a depth of experience and certified skills. We also value personal attributes–dedication to quality, pride and exemplary work ethic.

Our production engineering department is responsible for training employees in crimp technology and soldering, in classroom sessions and on the job. Further, we train workers in areas including electrostatic discharge (ESD) and safety.

We encourage cross-training of skills to expand workers’ capabilities. This cross-training benefits the customer by allowing management to vary workforce shift levels to expedite sudden, overnight orders, while ensuring high quality. And it gives our customers competitive advantages–CompuLink features nationwide 8 a.m.-8 p.m. (EST) customer service to support you.

ISO 9000 quality assurance system

CompuLink proudly has earned ISO 9000 certification, the internationally recognized model system that establishes total quality standards and documentation requirements. In the 16-month process to achieve certification, CompuLink set standards for some 100 procedures, established a smooth process flow and documented the process chain, step-by-step, in a clearly-written Systems and Procedures Manual. We passed a series of audits and achieved registration by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) in June 1995. ISO conformance teams audit us, at random, every six months.

To ensure compliance, CompuLink continuously evaluates and improves processes through regularly-scheduled and random internal audits. Every day, management receives and reviews performance reports that clearly depict any variances in our processes, products or customer service. Quality Assurance managers, in conjunction with our manufacturing team, initiate a Corrective Action Plan and perform a root cause analysis of any variances.

We accumulate this audit information in a database, as part of our Statistical Process Control (SPC) program, for developing manufacturing processes and procedures. Audit information is an invaluable resource as we continuously strive to update and improve our systems and procedures, equipment and training programs.

We’re at your service from design to delivery

As a customer, you play an integral role in our continuous Performance Plus thought process. Early involvement pays off right away.

We welcome and encourage customers to become involved early in the process. Your early involvement—

What’s more, when you take advantage of our dedicated and innovative specialists upfront, you enjoy benefits such as—

The CompuLink design for manufacturing (DFM) program—

Further, early involvement enables us to develop the most efficient processes to serve your needs without compromising prior production commitments to you. We can even expedite and incorporate engineering changes while maintaining continuous production flow.

In fact, when you first call us for a quote, you immediately begin receiving the benefits of our expertise.

Accurate quote process/aggressive pricing

Our customer-oriented quote process ensures accuracy and responsiveness. Every quote we submit represents a CompuLink team effort that we fully uphold.

In addition to the complete estimate you request, when appropriate, we may submit a separate proposal. For example, we may suggest alternative design or manufacturing efficiencies that will reduce your costs, improve quality, speed turnaround or enhance your satisfaction.

To ensure and verify accuracy, we base our quotes on detailed records, factoring in manufacturing cycle time and stock levels. Our Purchasing Department uses a minimum of three quotes for component material prices. We verify labor estimates on historic time studies, plus tooling required to cut, strip and terminate cables. And CompuLink builds into each quote the requirement of quality assurance and the fulfillment of all your terms and conditions.

Management reviews every quote, and signs the final approval.

Always keeping in mind that the goal is to meet and exceed customer expectations, CompuLink shares with you the Performance Plus equation for cost savings without compromise.

Volume buying power + economies of scale + aggressive pricing = cost savings for the customer

Performance Plus manufacturing begins with your purchase order

Our customer-focused, streamlined manufacturing process illustrates clearly the benefits of Performance Plus. The process begins when we receive your purchase order, which sets into action an interdepartmental chain of processes and procedures. We then issue an internal sales order, which communicates all job requirements, including the delivery due-date and the terms and conditions. It prompts an immediate contract review by our electrical engineers and administrators, who reaffirm that we’ll meet our commitments stated in the purchase order.

Integrated with the purchase order in our Manufacturing Execution System (MES), the sales order and materials inventory control system simultaneously become active. The MES enables CompuLink to plan materials and to process, track and control production orders in real time. It also enables us to commit both materials and human resources before releasing a customer’s purchase order to the production team.

CompuLink stocks a large inventory of raw materials to eliminate delay. Further, as a turnkey manufacturing service, we offer storage of our customers’ consigned materials. So, as you transition from in-house operations to CompuLink’s full outsource partnership, we help by controlling and managing those inventory quantity levels for you.

CompuLink’s MES ensures that on-hand materials sustain a continuous flow of product, while at the same time minimizing inventory, ensuring sufficient stock and keeping down your costs.

We raise the bar on workmanship standards.

In addition to operational advantages, CompuLink gives customers a competitive advantage in product quality. Only CompuLink builds in Performance Plus workmanship standards that combine ISO 9002 certification, UL, Canadian Standards Association (CSA), MIL-STD-2000 and MIL-I-45208A (HI-REL) standards, with employee empowerment.

We especially value our workers’ positive attitude. Each employee contributes his or her talents. Each is empowered to monitor for contract compliance. Each individual and every department works in cooperation throughout the manufacturing process chain on the customer’s behalf.

Continuous flow manufacturing and flexibility, too

Each employee knows exactly what his or her tasks are, using a job specification sheet, or Traveler, that details job requirements.

For development activities, CompuLink dedicates separate, distinct engineering groups. These specialists manufacture prototypes, test producibility and expedite pilot quantities. Upon customer approval of a “first article,” CompuLink stands ready to begin production, running three shifts, 24 hours a day.

These dedicated groups also expedite engineering changes as necessary, a process that automatically triggers rapid update of documentation and prints. The product development line runs parallel to the production line, enabling simultaneous pre-production processes and continuous flow manufacturing. As a result, on-time delivery is assured. Quality prevails. And customer satisfaction soars.

Inspection through multiple tests

Key to maintaining quality, CompuLink inspects products at several checkpoints during production, using clearly itemized Quality Control Instructions that we develop specifically for each job. Cable assemblies are 100% electrically tested for continuity, opens and shorts. Using real-time SPC practices, we accumulate data and review inspection reports every day to eliminate variances in processes

Additionally, per customer request, we can design and perform other test procedures. For example, the Quality Control Instructions can specify in-process inspections that verify compliance with a particular term or condition. We also perform a final, consummate test at our facility. In fact, as a result of our proven high quality, many customers have designated CompuLink as a Dock to Stock supplier, eliminating the need to inspect incoming deliveries from CompuLink, thus saving time and labor costs

On-time delivery to set your clocks by

CompuLink monitors and audits delivery performance to ensure consistently on-time, error-free and complete fulfillment of our delivery commitment. Leaving nothing to chance, we track shipments in real time, using various carriers’ on-line services.

Our flexibility extends to adapting delivery commitments to meet your varied schedules. In addition to just-in-time delivery, we offer direct ship and bin replenishment programs to help reduce your product and inventory management costs.

The ultimate result of Performance Plus is a quality product, delivered on time.

Make CompuLink your preferred supplier

If you’re looking for an unequaled outsource partner, call us. Only CompuLink commits to Performance Plus standards, to satisfy our outsource partners beyond all expectations. We welcome your rigorous review of our qualifications. Better yet, come and see CompuLink in action for yourself. You’re invited to visit us and observe our processes and procedures. We look forward to meeting you and exceeding your expectations.

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