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Investing in your future

Plasma-Therm shares its expertise and unique solutions with semiconductor researchers, developers and manufacturers through a variety of leading edge plasma processing systems.

Foremost, our business commitment is to provide long-term value to the specialty and standard substrate semiconductor community.

Backed by 20 years of knowledge and experience, Plasma-Therm technologies deliver robust, repeatable thin film processes. Most importantly, our systems are scalable and software-upgradeable from R&D to manual pilot production to automated high-throughput manufacturing. So as your needs evolve, you can easily migrate your initial efforts to progressively-higher production volumes.

That’s a remarkable capability by most standards. Yet Plasma-Therm goes further by providing an unparalleled depth of expertise and performance in processing special substrate materials and sizes, as well as standard substrates.

Moreover, we continually invest on behalf of our customers to meet the needs and expectations of emerging technology markets. We ve expanded our global presence, particularly in customer support. And our new world-class headquarters represents a $6.0 million dollar investment, increasing our development and manufacturing capabilities to help our customers succeed.

We invite you to visit us and see first-hand how well Plasma-Therm is positioned to fulfill your requirements. You’ll view every aspect of our system design, assembly and testing, certified clean room manufacturing, plus the latest systems in automated inventory control and storage all staffed by highly knowledgeable professionals dedicated to serving you.

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On a 6-acre campus in St. Petersburg, Florida, our new 60,000 square-foot facility features a Class 10,000 manufacturing and assembly area, Class 1,000 test area and Class 100 applications laboratory.

Intrinsic value

Plasma-Therm differentiates itself from other equipment manufacturers by protecting our customers’ investments and reducing cost of ownership, in several ways. Most significantly, our integrated systems meet your growing needs by simplifying migration from product development through fully automated production. Every Plasma-Therm system shares these important features in common with the others:

Identical Chamber Design Chamber designs are virtually identical from the substrate point of view. Plasma processes are easily transferable from platform to platform without requiring extensive redevelopment or re-characterization as you migrate.

Comprehensive Software Plasma-Therm software reaffirms the meaning of user friendly. Each platform uses the familiar point-and-click interface, which is well documented and supported. You save time (and money) since there s no need to retrain operators when you retool.

Common Components We use state-of-the-art and field-proven components that are identical across systems to help maximize reliability and minimize your training requirements. Common components include pumping packages, power supplies, instrumentation and more.

Reliability Plasma-Therm provides superior reliability, availability and serviceability. Our equipment is among the most dependable in the industry, backed by unsurpassed service and support. Life testing of major assemblies is more than routine; it’s mandatory. Our Continuous Improvement Program program calls for ongoing in-house reliability testing and system field performance reporting.

Custom documentation Plasma-Therm customizes your system manuals to accurately reflect your system’s exact configuration. This extra effort results in time and cost savings.

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Innovation that raises the standard

Plasma-Therm was founded in 1975 as an innovator of RF power supplies and control units. Today, we dominate the special substrate manufacturing arena by adapting our core plasma technologies to process unique platform materials such as quartz, soda lime glass, packaged ICs, print heads and others. Moreover, we accommodate unusual shapes and sizes such as squares, rectangles, pieces and typically non-standard round substrates.

Along the way, we ’ve solved unique problems and advanced the state of the art. Among our milestones, we manufactured the world’s first etching systems for single wafer aluminum and 200 mm aluminum substrates. We introduced the first U.S.-made large area (500 mm x 500 mm) flat panel display etching system.

And most recently, we developed a proprietary high density plasma source design that can improve etching rates up to ten times the performance of conventional processes.

Our innovations are now in use at major industries, national and defense contract laboratories nationwide.

Poised for the 21st century, Plasma-Therm welcomes the opportunity to share our depth of expertise with you.

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Today, we dominate in special substrate manufacturing through innovative processing of standard and unusual platform materials: silicon, gallium arsenide, aluminum, quartz, packaged ICs, compound semiconductors, print heads and others.

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Implementation is world-class

Plasma-Therm’s newest facility represents a $6.0 million commitment to serve the worldwide semiconductor community with innovative plasma processing technology. The building and six-acre campus comprise activities such as research and development, process and design engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing, customer service, logistic support and administration. Extensive global telecommunications keep us linked in real time to field sales, service and support personnel and most important, to our global customers.

This new facility reaffirms our commitment to research and development on behalf of our customers. It features an applications laboratory and staff of scientists and applications engineers, covering all areas of plasma processing.

Additionally, the entire assembly, test operations and manufacturing complex meet industry clean room standards. We’ve also effectively doubled our manufacturing capacity to support our continued growth.

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In our Class 10,000 manufacturing and assembly clean room, Plasma-Therm implements stringent procedures for system cleanliness.

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A Class 1,000 final test area helps ensure your equipment will reliably deliver full specification performance.

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In our Class 100 Applications Laboratory, we develop, characterize and test processes using sophisticated in-house analytical equipment. An extensive staff of experienced, senior process engineers will gladly answer visitors’ questions.

High quality standards

More impressive than our physical structure is our long-standing reputation for excellence. In all activities, we strictly adhere to the principles of our Continuous Improvement Program. Plasma-Therm exemplifies the quality and innovative thinking you’d expect from a global technological leader.

We design and integrate quality system platforms, using the most reliable, field-proven components available. For example, process chambers are milled from solid billets to ensure vacuum integrity and to simplify maintenance. And all systems feature superior gas handling and vacuum pumping packages that we optimize to meet the special needs of your etching or deposition processes.

Plasma-Therm manufactures and tests all systems and fabricates key assemblies such as gas panels under clean room laminar air flow. We incorporate the best-performing robotics available to ensure reliable transfer of substrates. We also subject all systems to an extensive burn-in at both the component and system levels. This dedication to quality plasma processing equipment results in consistently uniform processing from pilot production to high volume manufacturing. As a result, you enjoy dependable replication and predictable results in your manufacturing environment, run after run.

Call us to arrange a visit.

Now that you’ve browsed through our new facility, we invite you to see it in person. Call us. We’re at your service.

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Integrated growth path

Plasma-Therm’s modular, open architecture features integrated platforms and powerful software that enable you to closely match your equipment configuration to your plasma processing and throughput requirements.

This modularity lets you easily transfer your processes along an upgrade path from manual R & D and pilot production to fully automated high volume production. In fact, Plasma-Therm will develop a technical road map for you.

The software and control systems for manual production also run transparently on our automated production equipment. Process chambers deliver easy, straightforward scalability. Plasma-Therm’s wide range of electrode sizes accommodate your special substrate sizes and shapes. What’s more, gas panel and vacuum pumping packages serve to optimize process requirements.

790 Series Plasma Etching and Deposition Systems

An economical, yet flexible platform, this system is ideal for development and limited production applications, for standard and high conductance processes. It supports one or two manually-loaded chambers and features a small footprint.

7000 Series, market leader in large-area processing

For batch pilot production of large area substrates, the 7000 Series features a 24”- diameter, manually loaded single chamber. It cost-effectively serves batch production requirements using RIE, PECVD and RIE/PE technologies.

Versalok® 700 Series, the production leader

For high volume throughput in a production platform, Plasma-Therm introduces the Versalock 700 Series manufacturing system. It delivers loadlocked, totally automated cassette-to-cassette processing in up to three asynchronous process modules. What s more, the Versalock 700 features field-proven robotics and application-proven processes, plus large scale 300 mm capability, all built within a small footprint.

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Diverse industry solutions

Offering cost-effective systems to fill every level of need, Plasma-Therm’s solutions benefit several markets, including:

Magnetic thin film heads As computing grows, so grows the hard disk drive market. To satisfy the requirement for higher storage density, magnetic head technologies and geometry requirements are driving more and more processes to true thin film regimens. Plasma-Therm continues to successfully maintain a dominant role in supplying a wide range of deposition and etching processes to our global customer base.

Photomask manufacturing As mainstream silicon device geometries shrink to 0.18 micron and below, photomask manufacturers are demanding reliable, anisotropic, low defect photomask etching to enable accurate transfer of each pattern’s critical dimensions. Plasma-Therm systems deliver the required processes, using automated (non-manual) handling of large masks. Processes of record include the etching of chrome, molysilicide and quartz to accommodate a variety of sophisticated mask designs and phase shifting techniques.

Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) The MEMS market and its variety of products continue to grow explosively. Customer applications range from accelerometers and motion detectors that serve the automotive and aerospace industries to a myriad of biomedical applications. Plasma-Therm continues to lead the market as the only equipment supplier who addresses customer requirements from development through full production.

Compound semiconductors Plasma-Therm fulfills customers’ special needs in processing sensitive materials – from gallium arsenide monolithic microwave integrated circuits used in cellular communications to indium phosphide laser diodes used in fiber optics – in a variety of substrate sizes-. Further, Plasma-Therm systems routinely accomplish delicate processes like clamping and cooling of customers’ most fragile materials.

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International customer service and support

Plasma-Therm supports customers proactively before, during and after system installation. Our value-added service and support features:

During system manufacture, Plasma-Therm Customer Service Engineers will gladly review your installation plan to verify that you’ve accurately prepared all facilities. This value-added service ensures efficient installation with no costly surprises. Upon shipping, field engineers will install the equipment and assure process integrity, consistency and optimal production throughput

Then, on an ongoing basis, we’re committed to immediate response. Whether you require system spare parts, technical assistance or an on-site Customer Service Engineer, we can respond in a timely, effective manner, anywhere in the world

Plasma-Therm tailors Maintenance Support Packages to maximize your system s availability and minimize your production costs.

We train your personnel and ours

Plasma-Therm offers training at our site, where your personnel can consult with our scientists and process engineers. We can also train personnel at your site. We offer various levels of operator, maintenance and process training options to suit your needs.

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