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The decision-maker is often not the most technical person you’re addressing, so you have to make certain they understand your product’s advantages. For Tadiran, I wrote real-life scenarios a non-technical executive could relate to, yet there are enough technical specifications to convince IS directors of large hotel chains.

Coral ISBX Computer Attendant Position

Now, it’s a breeze to give your caller fast personal service.

Just open a user-friendly window! CAP answers, routes and tracks voice and data calls automatically!

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Build on your Coral® ISBX platform.
Just point and click to open new windows of opportunity.
Here’s how it works.

There’s no better way to benefit from computer telephony integration (CTI) than Tadiran’s Computer Attendant Position (CAP) – because CAP works seamlessly as an option to Tadiran’s Coral® Integrated Services Business Exchange (ISBX) global communications platform.

Simply put, CAP integrates your attendant’s telephone console with a PC. When the phone rings, a window pops up and displays the caller’s phone number I.D. and call-handling criteria.
Even if the attendant is using another application when the phone rings, he or she simply presses a “hot key” to open the telephony window. CAP quickly and easily accesses your company’s database and displays the information in the telephony window— all in real time. This detailed information helps attendants in high volume sites to decide which call to handle first in cases of simultaneous calls and waiting-call queues.

Tracking begins immediately when the call is answered. The network provided caller identification is merted with the caller’s database for complete details and even a history of who is calling. If the call is an internal transfer or recall, the telephony window can display informtion about all the call history.

When a waiting hold call exceeds a pre-set time, the window text changes in color to alert the attendant. The system also enables attendants to re-route and track calls to different stations, based on the reason the call reached the attendant.

Using user programmable “soft keys,” CAP can be customized for specific applications with featues such as

A special program supports the hospitality industry, allowoing the CAP to integrate with the property management system.

CAP benefits you in so many ways

Caller identification Identifies and lets you answer each caller by name
Multiple caller identification Identifies and lets you answer each caller by name, even one who typically calls you from different locations, identifies who is on hold and lets you reprioritize calls, callers and queues
Camp-on list Identifies very busy stations and lets you tell callers how many calls are ahead of them
Recall list Identifies the station originally called and tracks progress of the call prior to its being recalled
Phone book Makes it fast and easy to find a number and dial from there
Messaging Delivers “pink slip” type messaging, automatically notifies recipient
Multiple applications support Lets workers use DOS-based programs when they’re not actively handling calls

CAP improves call-handling productivity

CAP is sophisticated, powerful and integrated into the advanced Coral ISBX switching platform. Using modern PC technology, it supports familiar off the shelf DOS, Windows or OS/2 software, either as single standalone unit or with multiple units connected by a local area network (LAN).

CAP’s Windows-type environment makes it easy to set call-handling criteria. For example, you can define specific customers, guests, and clients as VIPs, very important persons whose calls must be answered first in line. You can define “time,” or elapsed time, to advance a call to a higher-priority status. And you can set answering criteria specific to your business and customers — for example “PBX external” — to help your attendants more efficiently handle incoming calls. And CAP is easy to program – all changes to one can automatically include all the others – from any station.

Any change from one console updates all the stations. Tadiran’s vast experience in wired and wireless telecommunications is reflected in the Coral. With full ISDN support as well as CTI, QSIG networking and wireless operation, CAP is a well-suited application to complement the sophistication of today’s telecommunications. Your business will run smoother with a minimum of dropped calls and multiple, annoying incoming call-forwarding. The CAP system delivers worldwide connectivity plus a full complement of advanced switching features support: Automatic Number Identification, Alternate Special Number Delivery, held calls information and calls queuing information.

CAP improves profitability, too!

As a result of CAP’s automated call-handing system, you’ll improve customer service, increase productivity and reduce phone line use, which all helps improve your bottom line. And because CAP is a breeze to use, there’s no need for time-consuming and costly training. Best of all, as a member of the Coral ISBX switching systems family, ranging from 40 to over 4,800 ports, CAP serves as strategic integrated computer telephony partner.

Customized personal answering makes it easy to get a competitive edge

Tadiran combines the high performance of today’s PCs with advanced call-handling telephony to give you one powerful, easy-to-use Computerized Attendant Position (CAP). You’ll impress your customers with your higher level of personal service using CAP. It’s especially designed to improve high volume call-handling for sites just like yours. It even accommodates multiple numbers per customer; for example, your caller’s headquarters, branch office, cellular and home phone numbers. The CAP database reads all of the caller’s various locations, pops up and displays the one incoming location on an information screen.

CAP tells you who’s calling even before you answer the call!

No more: “Can I tell her who’s calling?”

CAP identifies callers with a PC-window display of caller information based on data provided by the network. Authorized personnel can modify the data at any time. And for a first-time caller, not in your database, CAP stores the caller’s number so you can enter and update data at your convenience!

CAP also identifies recalls to the attendant, allowing callers to make additional, personal selections. You’ll even know who’s recalling before you answer the call!

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Computer Attendant Position (CAP) is a sophisticated application supported by the Coral® Integrated Services Business eXchange (ISBX), the pre-eminent multimedia switching system for voice, data and video. In addition to CAP, Coral supports:

QSIG Networking Coral supports QSIG, the global standard for systems interoperability, allowing transparent operation between diverse telephony systems connected in a network.

Wireless Operation A full-featured wireless option, CoralAIR, creates a complete, mobile in-office environment. Using lightweight handsets, (headsets and??) multiple base stations, CoralAIR delivers full roaming and hands-off communications via a microcell architecture that covers up to 5 million square feet. An adjunct option, AirEASE, delivers wireless operations cooperatively with non-Coral systems.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) A pioneer in CTI, Tadiran has always offered external control options, starting with the original Coral ISBX design concept. Tadiran’s implementation of CTI complements (features?) industry-standard CSTA, TAPI and TSAPI, plus a wide variety of software drivers to support various applications.

CoraLAN Through Coral, the CoraLAN bridge connects multiple, separate LANs in a building or a geographic area.

Audio Conferencing Tadiran’s Coral platform also supports sophisticated, powerful multi-party audio conferencing using digital lossless bridges. Each bridge enables a 15-party conference, and you can daisy-chain the bridges to increase local capacity. Coral also lets 15-party groups confer other 15-party groups–even groups on your network in different geographic locations. And you connect multiple, geographically separate groups for multilocation audio conferencing.

In addition, Coral’s automatic set-up feature lets you establish a conference call (directory to come) simply by calling the participants.

Video Conferencing Coral supports video conferencing via ISDN BRI or PRI, and T1 or E1 high bandwidth services that run at 128 Kbps to 2.048 KBps.

Automatic Call Dialing/Call Center Tadiran set a new standard for ACD by integrating all automatic call-dialing control functions into the Coral platform. With Coral, a CTI-based Applications ISDN Processor presents real-time statistical management and reports.

Advanced ACD applications include data screen transfers, specific agent routing and blended predictive dialer/ACD.

Voice Mail/Auto Attendant and IVR Coral works with most third party voice mail, auto attendant and IVR products, featuring a comprehensive variety of interfaces and signaling protocols.

ISDN Designed and built to ISDN specifications, Coral supports both US and CEPT ISDN schemes.

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