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Oh, did I ever plow through white papers to express the potential of Vax Cells. My style is relatively simple in describing this extraordinary energy-saver with hundreds of uses.

Answering the call for energy conservation

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Mission Statement

ThermaCell Technologies, Inc., seeks to lead the way in developing innovative technologies and products that benefit industry and consumers, while also conserving the Earth’s energy resources. Further, we seek to enhance existing products by improving their energy-savings quality. Foremost, we intend to share our advanced technology and products with the global community, to create new economic opportunities while reducing energy consumption.

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“This we know: the Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the Earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” — Chief Seattle

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Inspired to develop tomorrow’s most effective energy-saving products

Today it’s possible for society to enjoy virtually anything it wants. That is, the technology exists for industry to produce just about any goods or services that the market demands. At ThermaCell Technologies, Inc., we believe industry can serve a higher purpose: to also help conserve energy. Pursuing that principle, ThermaCell Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1991.

As we researched energy saving technology, we became intrigued by the potential of a natural phenonomen–the vacuum.

Now, you may think that a vacuum means nothing. Yet, it’s a fact that nothing insulates better than a vacuum. And that’s the law of physics that led ThermaCell Technologies, Inc. to explore VaxCells™, a proprietary insulation technology with remarkable energy-saving qualities.

Simply put, VaxCells are tiny hollow spheres, microscopic vacuums that resist thermal conductivity. Combined with other materials, VaxCells improve the thermal resistance of those materials.

We successfully introduced ThermaCool™ specialty coatings, using evacuated spheres to insulate walls and roofs, in 1994. We expect to receive U.S. and European patents in 1996. Today, having proven the remarkable effectiveness of VaxCells technology, ThermaCell intends to exploit its vast potential through the year 2010 and beyond–in industries like construction, aviation, transportation and more.

We own and operate a retail paint and manufacturing facility, further we plan to build a physical plant to support our ThermaCool coating and insulating drywall market demand and to manufacture evaculated spheres.

VaxCells will be the principal insulating technology for the next century, based on scientific fact: there is no better insulation than a vacuum.

We’re proud of our innovation, and especially proud of our role in helping meet the immense challenge of reducing global energy consumption.

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Used in building materials, VaxCells will greatly increase a building’s “R” value and can reduce the need for fiberglass insulation.

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To serve the aircraft manufacturing industry, adaptable VaxCells can improve insulation and, further, can be filled with CO2 to help retard fire.

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Refrigerated trucks insulated with VaxCells can have thinner walls to accommodate bigger payloads, transported at lower costs.

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Driving the demand for VaxCells is the global need for fuel conservation

And the challenge is on! Civilization is depleting our limited energy sources at an accelerating rate. The good news is industrialized and developing nations agree that energy management is a global concern. Even so, no new technologies had surfaced to meet the demand for energy, and no viable alternatives had come forward, until now. Now ThermaCell is emerging as the company to address global needs and concerns. Driving the demand for VaxCells: Worldwide, more countries are entering the free market to enjoy the fruits of enterprise. As a result, these developing nations are now consuming energy by an order of magnitude. On the other hand, they’re also learning from industrialized nations that energy-efficient products like VaxCells will pay for themselves in fuel cost savings. Additionally, by reducing the growth of fuel imports, countries can better control their balance of trade.


VaxCells insulating technology will greatly appeal to industry and consumers, who increasingly favor energy-efficient products. Shoppers are even willing to pay more for environmentally-friendly products that result in a net cost savings of fuel dollars. And today’s young people–tomorrow’s leaders–share a common high priority for energy conservation.

VaxCells insulation can make virtually any existing product energy efficient and cost effective. Significantly, it enables the introduction of new products, never before feasible or even possible.

Here’s how the technology works.

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Putting physics to work in industry

To manufacture VaxCells, ThermaCell Technologies, Inc. evacuates (or empties) microscopic glass bubbles. That is, we remove the gas from each microsphere to create a tiny vacuum. The evacuated VaxCells can vary in size; however, a typical VaxCell measures just slightly thicker than a human hair. In bulk, the VaxCells look like talcum powder.

Mixed with other raw materials, VaxCells take on an array of qualities. For example, we mixed VaxCells with an elastomer substance to produce ThermaCool specialty coatings (Illus. 1). When applied like paint to a wall or roof, as the coating dries, the VaxCells spheres compress and pack tightly to form a layer that insulates against transfer of heat and cold (Illus. 2).

As vacuums, the VaxCell bubbles in ThermaCool coatings improve fire resistance, protect surfaces from destructive UV rays, repel insects such as termites, and more. ThermaCool coatings demonstrate how well VaxCells work to insulate and save energy.

In ongoing research, we’re discovering a variety of opportunities for VaxCell technology that wait ahead. For example, in addition to manufacturing fully evacuated bubbles (that contain no gases or other substances) we can also manufacture VaxCells with certain gases inside. More specifically, VaxCells with CO2 can improve fire retardation.

Furthermore, we can adapt the physical properties of VaxCells. For example, we can manufacture water soluable glass VaxCells that contain and deliver medication in health care applications. We’re continuing to patent numerous VaxCells applications and manufacturing processes. ThermaCool is just the first product line of others under development.

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Presenting ThermaCool specialty coatings

Using VaxCell technology, ThermaCool excels in the specialty coating category. Especially formulated for extreme environmental conditions, its target markets are industrial construction and maintenance, factories, equipment, storage tanks, utilities, railroads, bridges, marine and roof coatings. In addition, ThermaCool caters to the residential and commercial architectural and home building marketplace. The roof and industrial construction coating market segment alone represents 15% of the total special-purpose coatings market, or 24 million gallons valued at $393.75 million.

The ThermaCool product line comes in a full range of colors and can be applied by brush, rollers or spray. Uniquely, ThermaCool is—

  • Resistant against
    destructive UV rays
  • Pure in use of ingredients
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to clean with water
    • Mildew- and
    • Environmentally safe
  • Adhesively excellent
  • Elastomeric, flexible over
    a wide range of temperatures
  • Fire resistant
  • Repellent against
    insects such as termites
  • Backed by an 8-year
    manufacturer’s warranty

VaxCell technology, proven effectiveness

The graph below compares the attic heat in a house with ordinary black roof undercoating to a house with Thermacool black roof undercoating. The results: using the Thermacool undercoating reduced the attic temperature from 138x to 95x. We’ll gladly share our extensive data with you.

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Nothing insulates better.

The use of VaxCells allows industry to introduce “R” values into products and materials as never before possible–a marketing advantage of staggering significance. In fact, given its versatility, VaxCell technology can enable applications that have been conservatively estimated at $20 billion-plus.

VaxCell technology and products will create new job opportunities in manufacturing plants throughout the U.S. and improve our trade deficit. Importantly, using VaxCells, industry can serve a higher purpose: to conserve Earth’s dwindling resources.

ThermaCell Technologies, Inc. views the future of Vcells in construction products, refrigeration, cryogenics, automotive and aerospace industry products and more. Among the potential applications for Vcells —

  • Styrofoam substitutes
  • Thermos bottles
  • Coolers
  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens
  • Mobile homes
  • Motor homes
  • Automotive
  • Foam
  • Styrofoam substitute
  • Pipe insulation
  • Aerospace
  • Cryogenics
  • Wallpaper pastes
  • Perishable goods packaging
  • Home siding materials
  • Spray foam insulation
    for commercial construction
  • Truck refrigeration trailers
  • Bricks
  • Cups and containers

As world economies push to conserve oil, VaxCell products will flourish as the leader in reducing power consumption with low cost solutions. There is no better insulation than a vacuum. This is indeed the product–and the company– for the future.

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