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For research, I read an extravaganza of technical white papers. The product presents new design opportunities. Techies appreciated the simple, logical and accurate explanation of how it works.

Introducing high-brightness LEDs
from Uniroyal Optoelectronics

Now manufacturers and integrators can differentiate their products, using as their light source Uniroyal Optoelectronics high-brightness light emitting diodes (LEDs). Unlike pre-packaged die, which restrict product design, Uniroyal Optoelectronics package-ready die (PRD) are chips that allow OEMs unlimited freedom to create new, unique products.

Uniroyal Optoelectronics (UOE) is a manufacturing leader, serving industries that demand a high level of performance to exact specifications. The company supplies package-ready die (PRD), backed by a depth of experience and knowledge in metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and compound semiconductor process technology.

UOE specializes in red, yellow and orange aluminum indium gallium phosphide (AlInGaP) LEDs, and blue and green indium gallium nitride (InGaN) LEDs for bright signage and large outdoor video screens, lighting, transportation (and road zone) safety devices; emergency and medical applications, marine applications and more.

About the UOE LED

Uniroyal Optoelectronics LEDs are compound semiconductors that allow forward voltage. They have a bottom layer of metal or sapphire and a top layer of chemicals that emit light. Uniroyal Optoelectronics develops its LEDs in clean rooms in a large facility in Tampa, FL, using well-controlled processes that yield consistent results. In the AlInGaP LEDs – grown as 3" wafer PRD – aluminum, indium and phosphide are combined to emit red, yellow and orange light through its structures. In the InGaN LEDs – grown as 2" wafer PRD – indium and nitride are combined to emit blue and green light through the top, flat mesa.


The benefits of UOE LEDs

A major technological departure from incandescent light and neon bulbs, package-ready LEDs from Uniroyal Optoelectronics – available in a broad spectrum of colors – enable OEMs to bring products with a unique combination of benefits to the marketplace.

Unique features Unique benefits
Open new product possibilities Satisfy previously unmet needs
Package ready Package-ready die give OEMs wide-ranging flexibility in product design, even for previously-impractical applications
Small, compact size Enables high-brightness colored lighting in low profile spaces and other applications where traditional incandescent and neon bulbs are impractical
Low power consumption, low heat. Red LEDs are two times more energy efficient than color-filtered conventional incandescent bulbs, and blue LEDs are twenty times more efficient. Results in lifetime energy cost savings; can be solar-powered
Low voltage current-driven Improves safety – eliminates risk of spark (a significant benefit in explosion-sensitive environments). Eliminates the need for UL or similar certification, which helps speed integration for OEMs.
Rapid rise time; fast on/off Provides immediate colored light in emergency situations
Longer life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours without catastrophic failure; up to 50 times longer life than a typical 200-hour incandescent bulb Reduces maintenance costs
Very slow degradation at end of life; no catastrophic failure Improves safety – minimizes exposure of workers to dangerous traffic, dangerous outages and the need to climb ladders to change incandescent bulbs
High brightness up to 20 times brighter than earlier-type LEDs High brightness up to 20 times brighter than earlier-type LEDs
High style Delivers a visible, measurable improvement over earlier LEDs
High reliability Minimizes maintenance costs; LEDs resist vibration, mechanical and thermal stress
Compatible with complementary metal-oxide semiconductor logic (CMOS) Simplifies product integration into ubiquitous CMOS products
Shock and vibration resistant Enables new applications to serve in rugged environments

Traffic lights In the U.S., a conventional 12" red traffic signal requires a full spectrum 150-watt incandescent bulb, and the light is filtered to eliminate all the colors except red — significantly reducing energy efficiency.

Red LEDs produce a single, visible colored light, making them highly energy-efficient. They are red lights. In use today in stop lights, they require just 12 watts to produce the same brightness as colored incandescent bulbs, typically reducing energy consumption per street intersection by 85 percent. This efficiency is measured as lumens, brightness of emitted light per watt (See Illus. 1 ). And that energy savings comes from changing only the red lights to LEDs.

[Illus. 1 Brightness (flux/intensity) measurement grid here]

Aviation runway lights UOE LEDs very slowly dim or degrade.

Hard-to-reach places Longer life allows a high brightness colored light source in places such as vaulted hotel lobbies, domes and residential foyers with cathedral ceilings.

Portable, variable message signs (PVMS)/traffic trailers LEDs powered by a solar cell can perform for 90 days before recharging. In contrast, a traffic trailer with an incandescent or halogen bulb, powered by a diesel generator, requires refueling after only 48 hours.

Emergency vehicles and alarm lights PRD excel in encapsulated applications, and deliver attention-getting colored strobe intensity (see Illus. 2, back page).

Dramatic lighting High brightness makes lighting content an exciting, unique product feature. Remarkable high tech look. Creates brilliant, high-tech monochromatic visual effects and high brightness red/green/blue displays and video.

Point sources LEDs work well with optics and enable better directing of light.

Customer Service

UOE manufactures high-quality package-ready die that ensure consistency while giving OEMs total flexibility in application design. In architectural, engineering, lighting design, medical — in unlimited applications — UOE meets the needs of international manufacturers through finely tuned statistical processes that result in product consistency, chip after chip, plus just-in-time delivery.

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Why Uniroyal's technology is competitive

UOE’s manufacturing process yields a precisely calibrated, completely uniform product, making outcomes fully predictable.”

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