Brochure for User Technology Associates (UTA) Software Center
This brochure makes it easy to understand UTA Software Centre’s rapid development of Web-based applications. The company has 36 offices and customer sites throughout the world.

Netting customer loyalty

User Technology Associates (UTA) Software Centre specializes in the rapid development of Web-based applications, focusing on results-oriented Internet and intranet solutions. Our expertise in advanced development tools, understanding of customers’ business needs and ability to very quickly solve problems have resulted in substantial customer loyalty.

UTA Software Centre has been pioneering Web-based applications since 1994, with wide-ranging depth in fourth-generation languages. Specifically, we convert diverse data from Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and other applications into one, seamless database that allows easy, secure access via the World Wide Web. UTA even develops user-friendly Palm Pilot V applications, closing closes the gap between the user and technology; giving companies an unprecedented field advantage. We put your company's data – whatever you want to publish – in the palm of your users' hands.

Better, faster, and more cost effective

Results-oriented UTA solutions are helping companies to multiply their qualified leads, reduce labor costs, increase sales, improve communications and yield bonus productivity never before possible.

In addition to Palm Pilot V technology, the vast breadth and depth of technologies we use include HTML, JavaScript, ActiveX, CGI, Perl, Adobe PhotoShop, CORBA, Cold Fusion and wide area information search engines.

UTA Software Centre serves commercial and government organizations alike. We have created applications for such data-intensive clients as Little Caesar Pizza, Equity Residential Properties, the departments of Labor and Transportation and scores of other large-scale businesses and government organizations. And we have been recognized by numerous organizations for our business ethics, notable achievements and valuable contributions to the community.

ITA Software Centre is a division of UTA, the professional information technology provider, founded in 1985 by Yong K. Kim. The company has 36 offices and customer sites conveniently located throughout the world. Our international customer base includes industry and government in Great Britain, Canada and Korea; and companies in Asia, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

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From the President

“At User Technology Associates, Inc., no customer is ever viewed as a one-time opportunity. We strive to establish and maintain a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with every client.

“Our business is making technology affordable and easy to use. Managing change is our hallmark skill. Our soutions rely on common sense, hard work, and vision. We look beyond traditional approaches to find a new way that is better, faster, and cost effective.”

Yong K. Kim, President & CEO

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